Health center artwork

Crossover Health is interrupting traditional healthcare with innovative technology and a preventive approach. They have health centers serving large Tech employers in major cities all over the country. In order to create a cohesive and unique experience within each center, I was able to help create bold artwork for several centers based around a theme specific to each location.

SunnyVALE – CA

Being the birthplace of Atari, this health center was given artwork inspired by classic Atari games.

Midtown – NY

Inspired by notable statues throughout Central Park and the surrounding areas, this center was given a modern pop art spin.

San FRancisco

The theme for this center was architectural landmarks throughout the city. To complement this theme and reflect the vibrant culture and street art this center needed artwork that would could stand out in a very creative and artistic city. For this one, we were able to tastefully break away from the three main brand colors to create bold and bright artwork that would really do justice to the the unique culture of San Francisco.